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  • 03|05

    Tim Easton
    Tiny Legs Tim Revue

    Tim Easton. USA

    The American country rocker Tim Easton roamed the European metropolises as a traveling troubadour in his younger years. It turns out to be a great learning experience. Halfway through the 90s he returns to Ohio to follow in the footsteps of his great example Bob Dylan as a solo artist. Those who listen to smoothly played Americana will hear echoes from The Band and Daniel Lanois. With his hoarse voice and sharp pen, Easton wholesalers in solid and intelligent country rock and folk songs. He is supporting John Hiatt a number of times and has a stack of albums to his name.

    For his latest album, Exposition, he set out to record at musical historical sites such as the birth places of Woody Guthrie and Muddy Waters.

    Easton will be back in the road this summer and will make a stopover on Sunday 21 July in Peer to make us happy. Just great!

    Tiny Legs Tim Revue. B

    ‘Lovers of good blues: get to the store as soon as possible for a copy of Tiny Legs Tim’s great new festive album ‘Elsewhere Bound’ ‘, warns the collected Flemish journal.

    The Ghent blues musician Tim De Graeve went to New Orleans, was inspired by the local jazz and funk and came back with a record full of steamy horns and sultry percussion. In the background a honky-tonk piano stomps and a harmonica bursts, while vocals and guitar tell a straightforward universal story. The atmosphere is pleasant, but the salty smell of sweat and tears reveals dormant restlessness.

    Tiny Legs Tim comes to the Peerse meadow to immerse you in a steaming melting pot of blues, soul, rumba, americana, desert blues, Louisiana swamp and Woodstock rhythm & amp; blues. Do yourself a major favor and join us on Friday, July 19.

    Take your spring-profit for a short time and order your Spring-tickets here!

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